Research Assistants

Academic rank:
Professor, (Bogazici University, Istanbul)        Full - time

Degrees with fields, institution, and dates:
BS         Metallurgy         Manchester University (GB)         June 1980
MS        MetE          Queen's University (Canada)         September 1982
PhD        MetE           Queen's University (Canada)         June 1986

Number of years of service on this faculty, including date of original appointment and dates of advancement in rank

Eleven years.
Date of original appointment (as Assistant Professor) February 9, 1987
Associate Professor      October 23, 1989

Other related experience-teaching, industrial, etc. :
Visiting Research Associate Queen's University (Canada)
September 1986 - February 1987
Visiting Research Associate Queen's University (Canada)
July 1987 - September 1987
Visiting Research Associate Queen's University (Canada)
July 1988 - September 1988
Visiting Associate Professor Mersin University (Turkey)
September 1995 - September 1996

Recent publications:

M. A. Savaş, Başkaya, Ö., Altınel, Altıntaş, S.
Semi-solid Forming of Some Commercial Aluminium Alloys
Presented at ICFG 37th (International Cold Forging Group) Plenary Meeting, Proceedings 13 - 17 September 2004, İstanbul, Turkey.

J. Shi, Savaş, M. A., Yang, B. J. and Smith, R. W.
Spheroidal graphite ferritic cast iron-an ideal model material to examine the deformation a single phase matrix containing soft-spheroidal inclusions
International J. of Cast metals Research 2003 Vol. 16 Nos. 1-3 215.

M. A. Savas, Yang, B. J., and Smith, R. W.
Diffusion couple preparation using cast coating technique
Journal of Materials Science, 37, 4093-4099, 2002.

J. Shi, Savas, M. A., and Smith, R. W.
Plastic deformation of a model material containing soft spheroidal inclusions: Spheroidal cast iron
Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 64, 42, 1-7, 2002.

Principal publications:

Control of Mechanical and Wear Properties of a Commercial Al-Si Eutectic Alloy
J. Materials Science 27 (1992) 1255-1261.

Pressing and Sintering of Fly   Ash
Proceedings, USA and Turkey Workshop on Fly Ash, Silica Fume, Slag   and Natural Pozzolans in Concrete, Istanbul, Turkey, 1992, pp. 47-55.

Control of   Cast and Mechanical Properties of Zinc-Aluminium Alloys
J. Materials Science 28 (1993) 1775-1780.

Effects of Squeeze Casting on the Wide Freezing Range Binary Alloys
Materials Science and Engineering A 173 (1993) 227-231.

Metallographic Analysis of the Surface Treatment Effects on the   Hadfield Steel Sheets
Proceedings, MC 95: International Metallography   Conference, Colmar, France, 1995, pp. 417-422.

Compressive Strength of Sintered Fly Ash Metal Powder Mixtures
Proceedings, 5th International Conference on Fly Ash, Silica Fume Slag and Natural Pozzolans in Concrete,   Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 1995, vol. 1, pp. 269-282.

Effects of Squeeze Casting on the Properties of Zn-Bi Monotectic Alloy
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 28 (1997) 1509-1515.

Tensile Properties of Zn-Bi and Zn-Pb Monotectic Alloys
Proceedings, SP 97: 4th Decennial International   Conference on Solidification Processing, Sheffield, Great Britain, 1997, pp. 621-  624.

Scientific and professional societies of which a member:

Member TMS (Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, USA)
Vice-Director, Center for Industrial By Product Recyling, Bogaziçi University.

Honors and awards:

Buehler European Vocational Training, Practical Metallography Award, 1996.

Specific programs in which faculty member has participated to improve teaching and professional competence during last five years

European Materials Research Society 1993 Spring Meeting, Symposium F: Advances in Solidification Processes, May 4-8, 1993, Strasbourg, France.

8th International Metallurgy and Materials Congress, June 6-9, 1995, ?stanbul, Turkey. Buehler European Vocational Training, Practical Metallography Course, May 7-9, 1996, Istanbul, Turkey.

NATO, FENTEK, TÜBITAK and ITÜ, Workshop on Recent Advances in Solar Energy Technologies, July 8-11, 1996, Istanbul, Turkey.

Buehler Image Analysis Seminar, April 9-11, 1997, Istanbul, Turkey.

9th International Metallurgy and Materials Congress, June 11-15, 1997, Istanbul, Turkey.

SP 97: 4th Decennial International Conference on Solidification Processing, July 7-10, 1997, Sheffield, Great Britain.
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