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There are currently two professors, and four PhD students in our group. A short list and brief explanation of research areas are given below. For more information please contact relevant researcher.

Materials Science and Manufacturing
Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering
Department is located in North Campus
Science and Engineering Building (Kare Blok).

Bogazici University
Department of Mechanical Engineering
TR-34342 Bebek Istanbul TURKEY
Phone: 0090 212 359 44 53
Prof. Sabri Altıntaş...

Near Net Shape Manufacturing (Squeeze Casting, Thixoforming)
Squeeze casting and thixoforming are operations finding growing industrial acceptance. There are a number of manufacturing and material problems needed to be addressed in order for these manufacturing processes to find wide applications.

Formability of Sheet Metals
Formability of metal sheets in metal stamping operations depends primarily on forming limit strains and uniformity of strain distribution. The effects of temperature, strain rate and material parameters on the formability of metal sheets are of primary concern.

Microwave Sintering of Ceramics
Microwave processing offers the possibility to heat both small and large shapes very rapidly and uniformly and reduces thermal stresses that cause cracking during processing. The variation of microwave energy with the composition and structure presents the possibility of selective heating.

Processing and Properties of Metal Matrix Composites
Metal matrix composites such as aluminium reinforced with ceramic particles are giving rise to attractive properties for industrial applications. Processing and material parameters need to be addressed in order to obtain optimum properties.

Processing and Properties of Polymer Matrix Composites
Processing of polymer based composites by injection molding and study of processing and material parameters on the mechanical properties. Recently conducted studies include the effects of fillers on the mechanical properties of injection molded polyamide and polyethylene.

Shape Memory Alloys
Shape memory alloys of Ni-Ti and Cu-based type are of industrial importance. They can be processed via liquid or powder metallurgical techniques. The control of transformation temperature is of particular interest.

Materials for Biomedical Applications (Hydroxyapatite, Ti)
Hydroxyapatite is extracted from animal bone and sintered for biomedical applications.  Hydroxyapatite can be used as an implant or as a coating material on an implant made of Ti.

Modification of  Surface Properties Through Coating
Study of techniques to improve the surface properties for water repellent and antimicrobial characteristics. Silver and copper based compositions are used for anti bacterial  applications. Measurement of thickness and strength of coating are of primary concern.
Prof. Mahmut Savaş...

Nazım Mahmutyazıcıoğlu

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Mehmet İpekoğlu

Biomaterials, Production and Sintering of Hydroxyapatite.
Önder Albayrak...

Electrophoretic Deposition, Bioceramic coating, Hydroxyapatite Synthesis, Sintering of Hydroxyapatite.
Nazım Mahmutyazıcıoğlu...

Manufacturing and Characterization of Porous Materials, Polymer Sponges, Rigid Filters, Metallic Foams, Aluminum foams, Powder Metallurgy, MMC foams.
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